We Connect

We connect is an advanced app system developed by Volkswagen which ensures that your safety is paramount whilst out and about on the roads 24/7-365.

With the touch of a button you can have piece of mind for your van when things don't go to plan. We Connect is the Future of intelligent vehicle communications which rolls all the essential services into one!


The Features

One touch Breakdown Cover- When your vehicle unexpectedly breaks down simply press 'breakdown call' and we'll send out breakdown assistance instantly to your location.

Parking Position- Find out where your vehicle is located and We Connect will also show you the fastest route there if need be!

Emergency Call Service- In the event of a serious incident the emergency services will be on their way. Your vehicle will call for help automatically or at the press of the SOS button.

Lock & Unlock- This feature enables you to lock and unlock your vehicle from your smartphone.

Online Anti-theft Alarm- If someone attempts to break into your vehicle, the anti-theft-feature will let the We Connect app know or by sending an email.

Service Scheduling- When your vehicle is due for a service, We Connect will automatically inform your chosen Volkswagen dealer who in turn will contact you.

Available with all New & Used Volkswagen Vans

4 Simple Steps

Download the app on Android Via Google Play or the App store for iOS.

​Create your user account and register your details.​

Check that you have both sets of Vehicle Keys​

Pair your Van to your We Connect Account.

If you need more information on the We Connect app, our customer service team will be happy to assist you. Click here